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Staying Healthy During the Pandemic

July 21st, 2020

With changes to our daily routines, there is a potential for the normalization of a more sedentary lifestyle packed with activities like watching television, sitting while reading for long periods, or sitting at your computer or tablet for longer-than-usual periods of time. It is important to stay proactive and creative to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle in the era of social-distancing.

Here are some helpful health and wellness tips:

1. Stay active: The gyms and team sports may be put on pause, however, there are lots of safe alternatives to getting physical activity. Use this time to enjoy nature and the outdoors! Going for a walk or jog outside in uncrowded areas outdoors is still considered relatively safe. Also, you can get the family together for a nice bike ride. Even just 30 minutes of physical activity each day can be tremendous for your health and well-being.

2. Adequate sleep: Good sleep is essential to your overall health. Maintain a regular bedtime schedule each night. This will leave you feeling rested, less stressed, and have a stronger immune system. Before bedtime, it’s best to avoid activities at least 1 hour prior that may affect our sleep such as browsing on our phones or watching the news.

3. Diet and nutrition: With more time at home, we are prone to more snacking and making unhealthy food choices.  Try to stick to regular mealtimes and limit grazing in between. Also, pay attention the the types of foods we choose. According to the CDC, whole foods like dark, leafy greens, oranges and tomatoes—even fresh herbs—are loaded with vitamins, fiber and minerals. Make it a habit to try to eat more whole nutritious foods instead of processed snacks or fast food. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. As a bonus – healthy foods are also less likely to cause cavities!

4. Self-care: Take time to take care of yourself. Be supportive and suggest the same for those close to you. Meditation, relaxation, quality time with family, listening to music, and personal care of yourself promotes overall wellness.

5. Healthcare maintenance: Maintain regular appointments and communication with your healthcare providers. Don’t forget to keep up with your oral hygiene and brush twice daily and floss every night! Schedule your regular dental cleanings to keep your smile strong and healthy!

6. Cope with stress and anxiety: Positive coping mechanisms would include exercise, meditation, reading, further developing certain skills or hobbies etc. Some families have enjoyed new activities with their kids such as gardening, reading, or baking!

7. Stay connected: Talking with loved ones while in isolation can help reduce the anxiety and instances of feeling down. Take time to utilize the multitudes of technologies and apps (many free) that can help you stay in touch with those you love.

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