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Does everyone need orthodontic treatment?    
No, there are many patients that do not require orthodontic treatment. Some may have only esthetic concerns, while others may have additional functional and health related problems.

Is clear aligner treatment as effective as braces?    
Clear aligner treatment can achieve excellent treatment results as long as the patient is a good candidate. There are certain orthodontic conditions that are more difficult to treat with clear aligners as compared to braces and therefore the results are compromised. Dr. Y will review all the treatment options that fit your or your child’s needs.

Do you need to wear retainers after your orthodontic treatment?    
Yes. Studies have shown that our teeth can continue to shift throughout our lives, whether we have had orthodontic treatment or not. That being said, it is important to retain the alignment of the teeth and correct occlusion (bite) to avoid relapse. Dr. Y will review with you the recommended retainer type and required duration and frequency of wear.

See additional FAQs from American Academy of Orthodontics

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