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Do I need to help my child brush and floss their teeth?    
Teeth need to be brushed as soon as they erupt. Kids typically will need assistance until they have full manual dexterity which happens by the age of 7. Parents should also help floss nightly as soon as the teeth touch. A helpful tip is to make this a team activity. If your child is able to, let your child to begin the brushing and parents can help finish to make sure all areas have been cleaned.

Why do we need to treat or fix baby teeth if they fall out?    
Teeth are important for many daily functions. Untreated decay in baby teeth may lead to pain, infection, early tooth loss, and missed school days. Baby teeth help to guide the eruption of permanent teeth. Teeth are lost prematurely may lead to more complex orthodontic issues.

When do teeth first erupt and when do they fall out?    
The first baby tooth usually erupts around 6 months old and children generally lose all their baby teeth by 12-13 year old.

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Why does my child grind their teeth?    
There may be many reasons that may cause a child to grind their teeth and is a common phenomenon. This may include allergies, nasal congestion, sleep disorders, large tonsils or adenoids, normal growth, misaligned teeth or jaws, earaches, erupting teeth, loose baby teeth, and stress. At your visit, Dr. Y and Dr. Trishia will assess what may be the underlying cause(s) and discuss possible treatment if applicable.

When should I get rid of the pacifier?    
Though timing may vary for many children, most professionals and parents that have gone through the experience say before age 1 is best. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends children to stop any non-nutritive sucking habits (ie: pacifier, finger sucking, use of a binky) by the age of 3. Although pacifiers provide comfort for a young child, its prolonged use may affect the shape and alignment of the teeth and jaws. This can cause the front teeth to tip forward and change the shape or the roof of the mouth in a way that the front teeth do not close when biting. This can also affect the developing adult teeth and create the need for early orthodontic intervention.


See additional FAQs from American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

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