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Tongue-Ties and Lip-Ties

Tongue-tie and lip-ties may present challenges at all ages. For infants, tongue-ties have been associated with difficulties in breastfeeding and bottle-feeding, limited tongue mobility, speech difficulties, malocclusion, and gingival recession. It has been shown that about 4-10% of infants are born with tongue-tie and/or lip-tie.

The most common signs and symptoms infants and mothers experience with tongue- and lip-tie are:

Hence, the release of this tissue may lead to improvement with breastfeeding, facial neuromuscular development, milk production, breathing, reflux, and maternal well-being.

For children and adolescents, a lip-tie may cause recession, spacing between teeth, and can increase one’s risk for cavities due to difficulty brushing.

Our office utilizes the latest laser technology to ensure our patients receive the most effective and least invasive mode of treatment. Laser tongue- and Lip-tie therapy has been shown to decrease the duration of treatment, better control bleeding, reduce intra- and post-operative pain and discomfort, and reduce the number of postoperative complications, while not requiring sutures.

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