Congratulations! You have been "Wired by Y" and we are excited about you being a part of our "Club".


The goal of our club is to keep you and your teeth in perfect shape as Dr. Y builds your Smile!

The day your treatment starts you will receive a water bottle and a T-Shirt, two basic items for your work out! The water bottle will be a reminder to drink more water than sodas and sugary beverages; the T-Shirt is to keep you motivated. So wear the T-Shirt to your orthodontic appointments and get a raffle ticket everytime you come. Every quarter you will have the opportunity to win something really cool

You can also wear your T-Shirt for sports or social work events at school to get extra tickets!!! If you choose to do that please submit a photo through email, instragram, or Facebook.


Congratulations to Arthur our very first "Wired by Y" winner. He won four tickets to The Angels Game. Enjoy it!

Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment



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